DIE ERSTEN auf YouTube

Seit letzter Nacht gibt es den ersten Teil unseres Graphic Audiobooks, also unseren illustrierten Hörbuchs, auf unserem YouTube-Kanal.

Einfach reinhören und abonnieren, damit ihr die nächsten Teile auch garantiert nicht verpasst 🙂




Re-Launch Bargain: Get INFORMIUM for FREE!

US editionOn the occasion of INFORMIUM changing publishers:
re-release FIVE-DAY DEAL over the upcoming weekend.

Only now, and just this once! Grab your chance to get a free copy of INFORMIUM at amazon.com (or at amazon.de) from Wednesday, May 28, to Sunday, May 29.

German INFORMIUM reading group

Neobooks.com is organizing a book discussion/reading circle of the German edition of INFORMIUM on lovelybooks.de.
You can register until next Sunday, and participants can win one of ten free copies of INFORMIUM.
So, if you are also a German speaker, maybe you’d like to join us?!

reading group link

„INFORMIUM – Tödliches Experiment“ reading group on lovelybooks.de